Monday, February 9, 2009

Old Man in a Public Bus....

as we know..there was very small quantity of facilities has be given to old people and unable person when there are using public bus...seriously, its very hard to them to use this transport.. there is one story that i wanted to shared to all of u...
a few years ago, me n my friends always using a public bus to go home..its happen at komtar, n my friends already in the bus..they called it yellow,there is no more yellow bus but it called milan bus..hehe
we saw one very old man want to get on the bus. its so crowded with many people from every where..when the old man on the bus,just one sit left at that moment..the old man walked very slow to get that sit..but before he sat,the driver already start driving without have a look to his make the old man fall down before he have a sit..the driver saw the old man fall but he keep driving n dont care about the old man...the old man tried to get up but because of the bus dont stop its become very difficult for him.He fall many time but the other passenger just look n doing nothing..thats make me feel sad when i saw him like that..huhu so me and one of may friend help him to sit..i hope all of u will have some sympathy to this people and give a help when people need it..can u imagine if the old man was your grandfather, how do u feel when other people treat him like that..?so think ok..
all bus must make more facilities to old people n unable that no more difficulty for them to use public transport just like us...we should make a example as Rapid Penang that already make a move to give this facilities to everyone..

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