Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Story of Impatience Bus Driver...

Milan's bus in Penang..Waiting for passenger..
Crowded at bus station in Komtar,Penang during weekend
Maybe majority of you ever saw these situation in your lifetime right?? How about the impatience bus driver behaviour??Do you ever see?? We wrote this story because that situation always formed and state with us..Of course we really dislike that situation..
On last weekend, we goes shopping at Prangin Mall,Penang..Normally in weekend will crowd with visitors, tourist and maybe illegal foreigner from various countries too..In bus station, so many passangers wait for the bus to go back to their homes. What we saw is, they more like to ride by Rapid Penang because maybe that's bus more convenient, matched and quick. During the Rapid Penang driver stop the bus to drop and take passengers, the behind bus (old bus in Penang) press the bus honk in long way to Rapid Penang driver.. Actually, they can't do like that because make situation more clamorous and fussy. Furthermore, if the Rapid Penang driver decides to move the bus, maybe to bring endanger while the passengers ride the bus.
This is not the first experience if we talk about the unpatience bus driver..and we trust it's also occured at others states in Malaysia and also others countries..What happend in Penang today is, every bus companies try to compete with Rapid Penang bus because their income decrease since Rapid Penang start their operation at July' 31,2007.In fact, they should compete in the right ways and take it as a challenging to restore their service. No need to criticise in rude, bad and vulgar words.. If have childrens in the bus and they hears that's word, it's can teach the children too right?? We write this story, its not means we are pro-Rapid Penang but we just release the unsatisfied feels for that not relevant attitude... :)

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