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Message from Rapid Penang CEO's to customers and society..

Temporary Rapid Penang Bus Terminal in Butterworth

As a legend for society

Rapid Penang Mini Bus

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Hi, everyone..As well as you know, Rapid Penang is a new one public bus transportation in Penang..During we make internet research in Rapid Penang web, we found this message from their CEO's..Rapid Penang is a new identity for Penang..That's why in this blog we more focus for Rapid Penang activities..

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera.

The Preferred Public Transportation. That is what Rapid Penang Sdn. Bhd. (Rapid Penang) is all about; to provide the public with the best public transportation service there is.

Since launched by Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on 31st July 2007, Rapid Penang has been consistently putting the needs and wants of passengers at heart. Mindful of this, the company practices the ‘transparency’ policy where all feedback received is given the same importance.

These comments and criticisms are what forms the basis for continued improvement to ensure a quality service is offered.

Rapid Penang underscores its commitment to being the preferred public transportation by instilling a high sense of values among its staff. They are always reminded that services offered are underpinned by the three principles of ‘Bersih’ (Cleanliness), ‘Bertoleransi’ (Understanding) and ‘Bersopan-santun’ (Courteous).

Furthermore, the company is moving onwards by ensuring staff strive to achieve the 10 Golden Rules for Working Together which is to always be on time; have clear objectives; listen to everyone’s views; be open-minded; use facts, never assume; seek collaboration, not conflict; find solutions, not conflict; never be unpleasant; put the company’s interest first; celebrate success and have fun.

Rapid Penang wants to be a company which the society wants and thus places great importance on corporate social responsibility programs. Such programs are one of the ways Rapid Penang gives back to the society which has contributed to its success. Our aim is to be a company which contributes to the society whether in bus services or social services.

On the whole, Rapid Penang is committed to ensuring that the public enjoys a better standard of life by providing a reliable public transportation service.The company is committed to developing a public transportation service that is safe and reliable in order to fulfill its role as a responsible and caring corporate citizen.

On behalf of Rapid Penang, I invite all of you to join us in our exciting journey towards a safe and reliable public transportation service for the benefit of all.Wabilahitaufiqwalhidayah Assalamualaikum S.W.T.

Thank you.

Azhar Ahmad
Chief Executive Officer
Rapid Penang Sdn. Bhd.

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