Saturday, March 28, 2009

What is SOLAR BUS??

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The Solar Bus is a demonstration and education project created by The Harmony Institute to promote awareness of issues relating to:

-Biodiesel Fuel
-Vegetable Oil as Fuel
-Other Alternative Fuels
-Solar Energy
-Energy Conservation
-Peace, Politics, and the Environment

We believe that the best way to promote something is to DO IT. And if you really want to get people's attention, BIGGER is better.

Too many people don't realize that solar energy actually works. We want to show people, not just tell people, that it does work. That's what the Solar Bus is all about.

The Solar Bus engine, a Cummins 290HP Turbo Diesel, runs on vegetable oil and bio-diesel fuel as much as possible. The electric system is powered by solar photovoltaic panels. You can find the Solar Bus at events and festivals mainly in the Northeast United States. The Solar Bus is also available as a tool for teachers in public schools.

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